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Ex-Playboy model nudes photo viral on Internet!

Ex-Playboy model nude photos viral on Internet!

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Former Playboy model Dana Borisova nude photos are released on internet. After that this photos become viral in social media. Recently she is working as a host in a Russian TV show “Military Journal”.

Dana nude photo in internet

She filed a complaint that hackers removed all of her marriage picture and replaced some private pictures. Dana doubt to her ex-husband Andro. She claims that her ex-husband related with many businesses, he can so that type nasty activity.

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In 2015 they got married. After eight month togetherness they filed for divorce. But now she is on trouble for this nude image. She said, “Hacker also delete my daughter image, there are so many memory with thus image. After that, they delete my account also. ” She was one of the most beautiful and sexy model for Playboy and also worked in MAXIM.

dana borisova hot in MAXIM

On her viral image there has been seen she lay down on bed without cloth. Besides these some private pictures also there. Dana said, she always keeps her personal photo on a personal mail. Someone removed her personal mail and release her nude photo to the internet. She also told that, it’s very embarrassing for me. After this incident she ensures that she will take more security to use e-mail.

dana borisova sexy


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