France going to make a place for nude people!

nude community place in france

There is good news for the France nude community or who support the nudity. France Government makes an initiative for the nude community so that they can graze in one place. For that Govt. will select a place where only nude people will stay and communicate with one another. Govt. already takes steps to do this as early as possible.

nude community in france

The United Kingdom news media “Daily mail” said, France government still didn’t make any decision where will be the place because there have many issues like safety, security and many unknown threats. Authority already communicates with some nude communist and takes concern if they help to make a good decision.

France nude community

Vice-President of the French nude protest Jyakuyeja Phrimanta state that, the proposed land will be Damesanila Lake. Damesanila Lake situated in east of Paris, It’s like a picturesque beautiful lake in baza de bhinasenasa city. This place is surrounded by a variety of plants, canal, and bridge.  That’s why the proposal has been made specifically for this place for the enjoyment of nudity.

nude couples in france

By 2019 the French government is planning to create a swimming pool in this lake. Nude communist people complaints that, there are some places for nude couple but recently these places become crowded every time. It’s very difficult to place all nude people. That’s why they demanded the creation of a new place for them.

nude family


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