Irrfan Khan

‘I Could Die In a Few Months’ Irrfan Khan

Ever since news dropped that actor Irrfan Khan has been diagnosed with cancer, fans and Bollywood celebrities have been in shock. Fans have overwhelmingly showed their support and shared their prayers for the talented actor, who has made a name for himself not only in Hindi films but also in Hollywood blockbusters. However, the 52-year-old actor has refrained from indulging in discussion about his health.

Irrfan Khan

According to reports, Irrfan has been diagnosed with Neuroendocrine tumour. While most people tend to believe that this disease deals with the brain, but according to a Tweet of the actor, that is not always necessarily the case. According to a report in TOI – Neuroendocrine tumour is basically a condition in which an abnormal tissue growth arises in the hormone producing nervous cells (or neuroendocrine cells) of the body.Finally, the actor has opened up about suffering from this lethal disease. In an interview with AP, the Karwaan actor has revealed his current situation, details about his ongoing treatment and his overall outlook on having to combat this disease which more often than not takes the life of the one affected by it, reports

‘I have had the fourth cycle of chemo. And I have to have six cycles and then we need to have a scan. After the third cycle, the scan was positive. But we need to see after the sixth scan. And then we’ll see where it takes me. There’s no guarantee of life with anybody. My mind could always tell me to hang a kind of chip on your neck and say, ‘I have this disease and I could die in a few months or a year or two.’ Or I could just avoid this conversation completely and live my life the way it offers me,’ the actor said.

Irrfan Khan

The actor also has a fresh perspective about life. While like everyone else his life too was planned and set in a fixed cycle. There wasn’t a lot of spontaneity or unpredictability. However, with the disease being at the forefront of things and Irrfan having no control over his life has actually made him see life in a different light. He no longer plans because he doesn’t know if that plan will ever get fulfilled. Rather, he is living life in the moment, something that most of us don’t do.

‘My days are unpredictable. I used to think my life would be like that, but I could never practice unpredictability and spontaneity. That has happened now. I don’t plan. I go for breakfast and then I don’t have a plan. I take things as they come. That has been really helping me a lot. I don’t make plans. I’m just spontaneous. And I’m loving this experience. There was a kind of disharmony in myself. It was bothering me. And I think this is what I was missing, this spontaneity,’ – the actor added.

Irrfan Khan

Meanwhile, Irrfan Khan has a film coming up titled Karwaan with actor Dulquer Salman and Mithila Palkar which is scheduled to hit theatres on August 3 while he also has the Hollywood film Puzzle which is yet to hit theatres in India.

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